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Terms of Use

https://cem-mi-saudi2020.sa/ is available for all Users. Accessing this Platform or using it will follow all laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

By accessing this Platform, Users consider as having entered into an unlimited agreement to all terms of use, whether the User is registered or not. This approval becomes effective immediately upon first using or accessing the Platform.

Any further modifications to the terms of use shall be applied immediately upon announcement unless otherwise stated.

Continuous use and access to the Platform is taken as confirmation of the Users full approval and agreement to such modifications.

User Restrictions

By accessing this Platform, Users agree to avoid:

Providing or uploading files that contain software, material, data or any other information that not possess or licensed to the User.

Using this Platform to send any commercial or unsolicited email or misuse the Platform in any other way.

Providing or uploading files that might/or contain viruses.

Disseminating, announcing, distributing or circulating materials and information that are defamatory or violate rules of the Kingdom, and any other unacceptable material or actionable information.

Using this Platform to participate in any illegal or illegitimate activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Using the Platform to announce any product or service that may result in the violation of laws or rules in the Kingdom.

Using any tool, Program or action that interrupt or may interrupt the operation of the Platform.

Doing any action that places unreasonable load or requires huge storage on the Platform’s infrastructure.

Termination of Use

We have the authority as per our absolute evaluation. To terminate limit or suspend a User’s right to use the Platform with no notification and for any reason including violating the terms of use or any action that may be considered by us as illegal or as causing harm to others.

All information and other materials provided on this website together with the underlying software code are owned either directly by us or by our licensors. You may not copy, modify, alter, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer any material on this website or the underlying software code whether in whole or in part, without our explicit permission. However, the contents of this website may be downloaded, printed or copied for your personal non-commercial use. Any unauthorised use of this website may result in a violation of copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publication and communication regulations and statutes. Nothing in this website should be construed to be a grant of a license, ownership or any other proprietary right in this website, its contents or the underlying software code.


Users hereby agree to comply exclusively with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia jurisdiction with regards to any issue or dispute arising as a result of the use of this Platform.

Protection from Viruses

We exert the utmost efforts, in constant review and monitor the content of this Platform. However, we advise users to avail themselves of the appropriate antivirus Programs when attempting to download any content from the Platform. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to data or the User computer that may arise during use of this Platform or any of its content.

Assignment of Claims

https://cem-mi-saudi2020.sa/ and all its services, sources of information and other materials are for personal use without acknowledgement or warranty. The Platform is not responsible for errors or excesses that may arise as a result of the use of its content or links, whether known or unknown.

Any communication or information that may be sent by Platform users are not the possession of the sender nor guaranteed concerning privacy. In addition, any interactive use by Platform users does not guarantee any rights, licenses or privileges of any kind.