Flexibility in Clean Energy Systems: The Enabling Roles of Nuclear Energy

15th of September 2020 | 17:00 – 18:45

Event Overview

The NICE Future event showcases clean energy system options through nuclear energy innovations. Speakers will discuss how emerging nuclear energy breakthroughs can improve system flexibility, support the integration of higher shares of variable renewable energy, and ultimately lead to cleaner, more resilient power. The event launches a major new technical report by the initiative’s Flexible Nuclear Campaign for Nuclear-Renewables Integration (FNC). The report has engaged experts from nine ministries, five multi-governmental organizations, and 14 other organizations. Recognizing the continuing health and economic recovery needs from the COVID-19 pandemic, speakers will also present nuclear energy innovations that advance clean air, clean drinking water, clean transportation fuels, and clean energy access in remote regions, while providing reliable and affordable energy.


Jill Engel-Cox
Director of JISEA, U.S. DOE National Renewable Energy Lab

Dr. Fatih Birol
Executive Director, IEA

Seamus O’Regan
Minister of Natural Resources, Canada

Rafael Mariano Grossi
Director General, IAEA

Nadhim Zahawi
Minister for Business and Energy, United Kingdom

Dr. Rita Baranwal
Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy

William D. Magwood
NEA Director General

Maria Korsnick
President & CEO – Nuclear Energy Institute

Kirsty Gogan
Co-Founder of Energy for Humanity. Managing Partner at LucidCatalyst

Gina Strati
Director of the Energy Program, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Dr. Phil Rogers
Senior Strategic Advisor, Nuclear Innovation

Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton
Senior Lead – Integrated Energy Systems, Idaho National Laboratory

Stéphane Feutry
Senior Advisor for Operation – EDF nuclear fleet, Electricité de France


10:00 – 10:02

Jill Engel-Cox

10:03 – 10:55

Session 1:
Minister’s and Multi-Governmental Organization Leaders: Realizing the Roles for Nuclear Energy in Clean Energy Systems (Moderated by Dr. Fatih Birol) Dr. Fatih Birol, Minister Seamus O’Regan, Director General Rafael Grossi, Minister Nadhim Zahawi, Assistant Secretary- Dr. Rita Baranwal, Director General William Magwood

10:56 – 11:45

Session 2:
Our Special Focus Briefing: Flexible Nuclear Energy and the Flexible Nuclear Campaign Report – The Launch (Moderated by Dr. Jill Engel- Cox, NREL) Dr. Jill Engel-Cox, Dr. Gina Strati, Dr. Philip Rogers, Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton, Stéphane Feutry

11:02 – 11:18

Special Keynote Remarks
Maria Korsnick, Kirsty Gogan